Cloud computing is an emerging market. If software providers don’t want to miss this opportunity, they need to take a good look at how they can join in on this development. It is important for ISV’s to capitalize on this trend today, before it's too late.

Benefit from the emerging SaaS market

Research firm Forrester Research predicts a substantial growth in 'As a Service' markets in the next few years. The strongest growth is reserved for Software as a Service (SaaS), with a market value increase of 25.5 billion dollars in 2011 to an estimated 159.3 billion in 2020. It is very important for software vendors to get in on the action. If they don’t, they will miss an opportunity that will lead to success and their competitors will catch up with them on all fronts. However, many of these software providers (ISV’s) are not adequately equipped to take the next step towards the cloud.

As a Service Delivery

End customers are increasingly demanding for applications to be delivered from the cloud. The traditional model whereby software runs on own servers is becoming less popular. Pay-per-use is the norm, also when it concerns purchasing applications. Switching from being a traditional provider of on-premise software solutions to offering SaaS solutions is quite complicated. In essence, the software service provider’s entire business model  needs to be redesigned. Additionally, the software should be made suitable for the cloud and that cloud must be technically equipped, reliable, fast and highly available. Software developers often do not have the resources or knowledge to develop and maintain their own cloud.

Interoute has been recognised as a leader in The Gartner Magic Quadrant for European Managed Hosting and scores high for its ability to execute. There are two ways Interoute can help delivering software from the cloud: through a managed hosting solution or through a virtual data center (VDC).

Partnership with Interoute

The advantages of a partnership with Interoute are numerous. ISV's can set the rates for their end customers more effectively, they can improve their time to market and their competitive edge. With Interoute's Cloud scalability and flexibility, software providers can easily respond to their customers’ and the market’s demand.

This allows ISV’s to quickly start offering their software solutions from the cloud, without first having to make profound investments. After all, the Interoute Cloud has already been furnished under the critical conditions that software vendors impose on the cloud: reliable, highly available and fast performance. In addition, Interoute can completely take away the burden of setting up and maintaining the infrastructure and the platform. Certified experts ensure that the environment is monitored 24x7x365 and managed pro-actively. The Interoute Cloud is built on the pan-European Interoute network. This means direct and fast data connections to the end customers’ locations and between data centers. Interoute is a European-driven company, so data is hosted within the European borders and is subject to European legislation.

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Cloud: today’s and tomorrow’s business model for software service providers 

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Interoute delivers SaaS solutions for you:

  • a reliable cloud platform with 99.99% availability for the applications running on it;
  • a team of certified experts who monitor and manage your cloud application 24x7x365;
  • 60,000 kilometers of fiber glass; a choice of 10 hosting data centers and local support;
  • all necessary certifications and compliance: ISO 27001, ITIL, PCI DSS, ISAE 3402 Type B, EU Data Protection compliant;
  • CloudStore as an additional sales channel. 

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