Analyst report: Testing Cloud network performance

Cloud service providers typically offer new solution offerings and price reductions to attract new customers. However, very few cloud vendors mention the network performance of their services despite it being the determining factor for the viability of any cloud-based software application, and one of the key factors affecting the user experience for customers.

Cloud Spectator, independent cloud analysts specialising in monitoring and benchmarking IaaS performance, compared the network performance of major cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC).


The throughput of a network will determine how much time it takes a user to transmit data between their servers, whilst the latency will determine how much delay the user will experience in communicating between their servers. Enterprises that require large amounts of data to be transferred efficiently will need to ensure that whichever cloud provider they choose can also provide a network with high throughput and low latency.


Cloud speed tests measured in the report

  • Network latency
  • Network TCP throughput
  • Network download speed
  • Network upload speed

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The data analysed in the report was collected between 14.1.2016 and 23.1.2016. 

This report is follow-on research from the previous report titled ‘Network Performance Between Geo-Isolated Data Centers’ published on 1 April 2015, which examined the network performance between data centres for 3 major cloud providers

About Interoute

About Interoute

Interoute has from the outset taken a different approach to delivering cloud services. We virtualised the network, compute and storage, creating a single, integrated digital platform, the networked cloud. 

The network can act as a consolidator of any networked device to create hybrid structures. Interoute’s global reach (several hundred direct connections and assured service in 132 countries) and logistic expertise, in our experience, covers most hybrid architecture use cases.

Our vision is to create a fully integrated cloud infrastructure platform (fully IaaS, integrating compute and storage with public and private networking) built into the fabric of one of Europe’s largest ICT infrastructures, incorporating 70,000 route km of fibre networks, 12 Data Centres, hundreds of PoPs and 31 colo sites. This integrated platform supports customer data, software, and services, as well as customer legacy hardware and digital DEVOPs environments to enable digital transformation and service creation for enterprises